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Huxley and mass media

A journey through Brave New World

From the baroque era to bbc news

Publié par Aldous Huxley sur 10 Décembre 2012, 11:00am


 The phenomenon of mass attraction exercised with Hollywood, the Marilyn Monroe Lady in Red among other things is a "deja vu" kind of mass seduction, even if, in our time and especially in the 20th century, it takes another pattern, wearing the coat of growing modernity at the time.
The Baroque era had witnessed the time of "beauties of holiness", which intended to bring the masses into catholicism, with a rich ornamentation inside the churches, a huge development of the fine arts and of music, a religious propaganda by means of artisitic techniques and refinment, in order to persuade, to catch the feelings of the masses. The time of Hitler witnessed another kind of propaganda based on psychological manipulation with a kind of speech and gestures aiming to seduce through anger, to scare. Our era is the era of intellectual and rational propaganda as Dr Jekyll, and commercial irrational propaganda as Dr Hyde, a contradictory time of hope-selling in bottles and rational knowledge. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde are polymorphic governors and controlers, Dr Jekyll changes from the whole, the unity, to the ration and intellect, and Dr Hyde, from the illusionnary individual to the irrational commercial propaganda.
"We no longer buy oranges, we buy vitality, we do not buy just an auto, we buy prestige."
As for these two characters on the stage of information, Dr J is the mere info, Dr H is its distortion, a character that nobody in the public can see: the representation of the unseen ( like in the victorian theater) the two combined together in a spirit of "brainwashing". The disinformation played by H and J is a play that people watch everyday, through different versions. One called Al Jazeera, the other one, which even conforms people to a kind of pronunciation, that is to say, to a kind of unity, is called BBC: the vanguard of esperanto and to the eradication of "biological differences sacrificed to cultural uniformity." and to "the rights of collective" instead of the rights of individuals, one language instead of the cultural diversity that accompanied people all along the History of mankind, in other words: a "dehumanising" break with the past or simply, the hidden continuity for it.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and will never be." Thomas Jefferson.

"the future dictator's subjects will be painlessly regimented by a corps of highly trained social engineers" Huxley

"Alas, higher education is not necessarily a guarantee of higher virtue or higher political wisdom" Huxley.

From the baroque era to bbc news
From the baroque era to bbc news
From the baroque era to bbc news
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Excellent information and facts. Only real difficulty I was basically receiving was viewing the pics. No idea exactly why.