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Huxley and mass media

A journey through Brave New World

Imposing by exposing

Publié par Aldous Huxley sur 10 Décembre 2012, 13:00pm

  In his essay Brave New World revisited, Huxley gives a strong definition of dictatorship, of manipulation, and above all, sheds light on the contrast between two types of mass control. This is a quite important point of the study as long as it gives us an outline of Huxley’s ideas and of the situation exposed in Brave New World.

Aldous Huxley observed two opposite phenomenons or means which, in the long run, lead to the same end. After all, “There are many roads to Brave New World”. Actually, according to Huxley, other roads would lead to the extremely opposite world depicted in Orwell’s 1984, but there is no way to a place between them. 1984 would have predicted the image of the world, and how it would look like a few decades after the book was written. In the light of all the chaos that the world witnessed at that time, in a decade in which two world wars had been waged and in which scary Nazism and Stalinism had imposed themselves on the whole world, it was obvious to a writer like Orwell, that a new era was born: an era of domination and war, an era which would forever break with the past ( in the mere form of things). On a timescale, considering the historic events, since the 20th century, we can approach the problem (ay the difference between despotic dictatorships and seductive manipulation), in two different ways.

All the problem here is a matter of picturing: if you consider that these two means are separate, opposite, (and they are), you can then picture this 20th century phenomenon as a couple of two governing opposite spheres which broke the century in two, like the branch of a tree. But somehow, you can also draw the schema of a couple of spheres of control, one inside the other, one more obvious than the other, one emphasizing more obviously the idea of control and dictatorship and which would be like a "mise en abime" of the idea of control, inside another sphere of control more “discrete” and “polite”. And finally, the emphasized one allowing the discrete one to be set and to come into effect. Hitler would, in this case, be inside another sphere of “non- violent dictatorship”, and 1984 by Georges Orwell, inside the sphere of Brave New World.


The modern tyranny practiced on the highest casts of Russian society which Huxley exposes in Brave New World and explains in his essay, tended to expand, after decades, to the whole population: a feeling of freedom and the illusion of a certain liberty in acts and thoughts, provoked by means of reward and have been allowed to be, to exist, through the contrast with a totalitarian governing system. This kind of tyranny, is somehow, available (like a commercial product) to the whole society, but on different levels. The same feeling of freedom and belonging to a democracy remains, though.

Let us now talk about a phenomenon which has been analyzed and explained by a British intellectual and journalist called David Icke: it is called: PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION: In Brave New World, Huxley points out the fact that the fear of punishment has been removed, that the whole idea of violence is inexistent and that the people are maintained out of rebellion or fear by means of manipulation. The interesting point here is that the idea of morality, of quality and of values has changed and has been distorted. And how can actually all that can be distorted, in actual facts, without the mediatic influence which brings with it a packet of social, educational, economic and politic renewal?  All this on the nationwide or even the worldwide, to create populations of “anormally normal” people. The question of problem reaction solution is to create or expose a problem, in order to propose THE only possible solution to the dramatic issue and make people accept it. This is imposing by exposing in its fairest form. This phenomenon is parallel to the economic issue explained by C Wright Millis: with the growing technology and mechanical techniques, the production has to respond to the distribution, it brings the economic power to an elite of people who are the only ones able to provide technical quality. In other words, in all the domains that link one to a nation or a governing system, manipulation and mass control are practiced. This mass economic system breaks with arts and crafts products system of the past.

Imposing by exposing
Imposing by exposing

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