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Huxley and mass media

A journey through Brave New World


Publié par Aldous Huxley sur 10 Décembre 2012, 18:00pm

Propaganda is a way to influence and manipulate people’s opinions, to make them think as one wants them to. Propaganda messages are mainly broadcasted thanks to media or advertisements. Although a neutral term in its original sense, it has acquired since WWII, a negative connotation (especially after the Nazi propaganda).Consequently, we are not surprised to observe that this is one of the main methods used to control Brave New World’s society. What is frustrating is that people don’t seem to notice that they are manipulated.

The place where newspapers, radio and television are created is so appropriately called “The Propaganda House”. Three different newspapers exist, and each of them is designed for a certain cast, with its suitable language, news, etc. A Gamma (one of the bottom cast) would never have the audacity or even the idea of opening another class’ newspaper for example, because he is not supposed to. The society has implanted in his brain where he belongs to, and that he should not step out of the line.

A journalist is in fact called an “emotion engineer” in the book, which definitely proves that media in Brave New World’s society are under control. It shows that the info is filtered and the emotions created: people are told what to feel. Those engineers are supposed to know exactly how human’s emotions work, in order to be able to create media that touches them best and therefore, appeal to them.

To a certain extent, in today’s world, psychology is often used by advertisement and media in order to grab people’s attention, make them consume etc. Huxley probably insisted on that matter on purpose, because it reminded him of the world he was living, helplessly witnessing the booming of mass media.

A few examples of propaganda posters

A few examples of propaganda posters

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