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Huxley and mass media

A journey through Brave New World

Unity of thinking

Publié par Aldous Huxley sur 10 Décembre 2012, 14:00pm

The “World State’s motto” in Brave New World is the most relevant and obvious example of the existence of a unity of thinking in its society. Indeed, based on the French “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” (“Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood”), Huxley creates for his despotic society the following motto: “Community, Identity, Stability”. This saying obviously speaks a million words: the idea is to create a community that will ensure the stability of the society. That is why the characters in the book are not acknowledged as integral individuals, but well and truly as part of a mass. We could suitably call this mass a “flock of sheep”.

At the first stage of the fertilizing process, and thanks to the “Bokanowsky’s process”, it has been made possible to produce 96 identical humans from just one egg. Human breeding being outdated, all humans are now, with no exceptions, created in incubators. The test tubes in which they are come and go on a moving band: scientists inject in them the necessary elements to assure their development (regarding of their cast). This method contributes to the fact that people in Brave New World don’t have a personality or even their own genetic code, which only makes them indistinguishable brainless beings. And, above all, it creates stability, a key element of the society’s motto. Indeed, a non-thinking population and composed by identical personalities suppresses revolts, fluctuations or crisis.

If all processes are thoroughly applied, the casts’ rules followed and the propaganda functioning, the stability of the society is ensured.

Community, Identity, Stability

Brave New World, Chapter 1, Aldous Huxley

Unity of thinking
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